Starting with AAM – Your HOA Management Company

Starting with AAM is easy. All you need to do is request a proposal online and one of our professionals will be in touch with you.  After our team reviews your information in detail:

  • We customize a proposal to fit your needs
  • Schedule an initial conversation
  • Work together to find solutions that work for your individual community
  • And if selected, we’ll work together to seamlessly coordinate the services and support programs that will improve your community and the lives of the people in it

We are a different kind of HOA management company.

We believe that great HOA management is more than just managing finances, although that is very important. We believe that our job is to help you create the best community possible in your neighborhood.

Whatever your needs may be, we’ll work with you to get it done quickly and painlessly so you can continue on your path for creating a better neighborhood.

As a member of AACM and CAI, our dedicated transition team works closely together and with your team when handling the HOA management company transition. We will:

  • Interact with other management companies as needed
  • Coordinate planning meetings
  • Facilitate education and training
  • Provide planning for transition
  • Organize communication plans with the board, committees as necessary and with individual homeowners to let each know how the transition will affect them
  • Assure continuity post-transition

Transitioning to a new HOA community management company should be easy. We are committed to making it so for you.

 Contact us today to learn more about our HOA management company. Call 1-800-354-0257 or request a bid online.


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Education and Training are Key

"Our allegiance to service extends beyond providing homeowners association guidance - it includes training every one of our employees, as well. Education is a primary focus at AAM, which is why we stay up-to-date on all the latest issues concerning association management" - Amanda Shaw, President of AAM

AAM as a whole has been very pleasant to work with. The training sessions which have been held for new board members, have been wonderful opportunities to gain more working knowledge of HOA's. The staff have come through with help for our Neighborhood Watch program and the needs of the Board as well." -Justine S., Los Arroyos HOA