AAM's Laura Ziff is Named an AZ Business Leader

Laura Ziff

AZ Big Media, an Arizona based business and lifestyle news source, featured Associated Asset Management's (AAM's) Co-CEO Laura Ziff as one of their AZ Business Leaders in the 2016 Residential Real Estate category. 

The AZ Business Leaders is a major annual publication that profiles Arizona's most respected and influential leaders. The publication recognizes and acknowledges the top leaders in various industries throughout Arizona and highlights their valuable knowledge and leadership advice.

Prior to founding AAM in 1990, Laura Ziff gained significant experience in real estate, development and property management while working with leading financial institutions in Phoenix.

When starting AAM, Ziff's goal was to "raise the bar" in providing community association management with an emphasis on integrity and superior customer service. These core fundamentals are still evidenced by the growth and reputation of AAM today and their dedication to delivering total peace of mind to their homeowners and Boards. 

Ziff stated that the best advice for anyone in the community management industry is to, "always take the high road and do the right thing. Leave your ego at the door when you are dealing with your Board of Directors, homeowners and Committee Members. The majority of them are volunteers and without them, we have no industry." 

"I am truly honored to be selected as an AZ Business Leader," said Ziff. "Having the privilege to work with AAM's incredibly talented employees over the past 26 years has been an honor. They make AAM better each and every day."


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