2010 AACM G.E.M. Awards

We could not be more proud.

Here is a run-down of the categories and AAM finalists and winners:

CAASP™ Excellence in Service Award

  • Recognizes a CAASP who displays integrity, reliability, and the ability to interface with managers, affiliate partners & other industry professionals.
  • Contributes to AACM through promotion of ethical conduct and competence.


Michelle Dennis: Department Manager, Disclosures and Transfers

Kelli Lyon: Lifestyle Director for Province

Winner: Kelli Lyon, Lifestyle Director for Province


The Rising G.E.M. Award

  • Recognizes a manager with less than two years of experience in the industry who has displayed exceptional abilities.


Frank Puma, Community Manager

Mirranda Stapley, Community Manager

Winner: Mirranda Stapley, Community Manager

The Humanitarian Award – Level 2 (above 300 homes)

  • Recognizes a manager who has gone above & beyond in helping a homeowner, a community or a cause within one of the communities they manage.
  • Nominees utilize “outside the box” thinking to create a positive outcome for a specific issue.


Pam Hilliard, Area Manager

Annette McCraw, Community Manager

Winner: Annette McCraw, Community Manager 

Manager of the Year Award – Level 2 (above 300 homes)

  • Represents commitment to the industry, loyalty to consumer clients, and dedication to working professionally & ethically with affiliates.
  • This award offers recognition to a manager who shows respect to fellow employees, builds positive working relationships, participates in industry activities and demonstrates an ability to promote the industry in a positive manner.
  • The award winner must consistently demonstrate an essence of excellence in all that they do.
  • They continually go above and beyond for their communities with higher standards of professionalism and passion for their communities at all times.


Jeff Dixon, Community Manager

Brad Lundmark, Community Manager

Tamara Swanson, Community Manager

 Winner: Tamara Swanson, Community Manager

Tamara Swanson, Community Manager

A BIG congratulations to all of the finalists and winners!!! You’re all winners in our book!

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AAM Facts

In 2015, AAM employees have accumulated over 4,100 hours of volunteer work.

AAM currently manages over 600 communities.

AAM still provides services to our first client.

All of our customer care and 24/7 emergency after-hours employees are well versed with enough information to answer 196 of the most commonly asked questions regarding your community.

59% of our community managers have been with AAM for more than 3 years.

62% of our communities have been with us between 3-20 years.

All of our Community Managers are certified or working towards obtaining their certifications through local and national trade organizations.