Safe Tot Lot Tips

 Such quarterly service may include the following:

  • Inspecting the composite structure (all components should be properly adjusted and tightened)
  • Adjusting all hardware that needs it
  • Replacing missing or worn out bolts, pins and hooks
  • Disinfecting the playground structure, surrounding benches, tables and trash receptacles
  • Pressure washing of all equipment and surrounding areas, including ramadas, benches and sidewalks
  • Sifting and cleaning out the sand area of foreign objects such as feces, rocks, glass and debris
  • Raking and relocating the sand
  • Sweeping surrounding sidewalks
  • Providing a report of work performed
  • Providing written inspection and a recommendation report

Our Community Managers physically inspect equipment on a routine basis for cleanliness and issues that arise from vandalism and regular use. But, having a certified playground inspector perform maintenance checks at least quarterly will help minimize potential risk to the Association. Your Community Manager can contact a professional on your behalf and make necessary arrangements for regular inspection and maintenance visits.

It’s important to remember to budget funds each year to cover professional inspection and maintenance service for all playground equipment within tot lot areas. Don’t forget to include money for quarterly, bi-monthly or even monthly  power washings to keep equipment clean and safe, and pest control to keep ants, spiders and other potentially harmful insects at bay.

These days, more and more insurance carriers are doing site visits to visually inspect tot lot areas and playground equipment. Therefore, it is also very important to check with the Association’s carrier to ensure that insurance obligations regarding periodic inspections and maintenance are being met.   Also, some counties and municipalities require specific maintenance procedures on equipment such as splash pads. Check with those officials to ensure compliance with county and municipal code.

Lastly, it is very important to let our homeowners know via newsletters or community postings that children should wear shoes and clothing appropriate for playing on and around the tot lot equipment. We all know that even shaded playground structures get hot quickly (particularly plastic and metal parts) even in early autumn, so appropriate footwear and clothing will help protect our kids from potential injuries.


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