HOA Resources: Today’s Biggest Concern of Association Members

For those homeowners who endure unexpected financial hardships, their HOA assessments may get thrown on a heap of unpaid bills.  The homeowners, who are able to pay, fear their home investment is in jeopardy because the community can’t meet its upkeep obligations.  HOAs must find ways to deal with this unfortunate reality.

So how can HOAs address this problem?  With a proven management company onboard, the process of assessing fines, placing liens and more can be handled efficiently and legally.  Experience in this area is paramount to protecting the overall community.

But, an experienced community management company can also offer help to stressed homeowners.  For example, an online assessment payment option can help HOA members avoid late fees. This service can be offered as a one-time payment or a recurring, preauthorized charge for regular assessment fees.

In business since 1990, AAM is listens to HOA needs and addresses them in an efficient manner.  We’re dedicated to delivering total peace of mind.  To help provide the best service, AAM offers a full slate of HOA resources to simplify life for Boards and members alike.

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