New Website Targeted to HOA Boards and Members Launched!
New Website Targeted to HOA Boards and Members

Some of what you’ll find at includes:

  • Whitepapers.  Our first released whitepaper titled “5 Ways to Transform Your Community” details the steps you can take to make a difference in where you live.  It provides insight into how you can turn your neighborhood into a true community.
  • Why HOAs Matter.   We provide relevant information regarding the importance of HOAs.  For example, we discuss the role HOAs and homeowners play in creating better family lives that contribute to a better America.
  • How to Make a Difference in Your Community.  AAM publishes recommendations for developing a sense of community.  We can help provide ways for neighbors to get to know each other and develop lasting friendships.
  • Request for Proposal.  AAM welcomes the opportunity to provide outstanding HOA management services to your association.  You can quickly and easily request a proposal through our new website.
  • Information on Services.  AAM details its service offerings for community management, condo management, HOA management consulting and community association management for developers.
  • Learn about AAM.  This section provides insight into AAM as a company.  We include details of our history, mission, team, charitable involvement and more.

At AAM, we believe great neighborhoods provide a foundation for great families, great communities and a great America. That’s why we are so committed to providing a different kind of community management – one focused on the neighborhoods we serve and the boards we advise.


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AAM Facts

In 2015, AAM employees have accumulated over 4,100 hours of volunteer work.

AAM currently manages over 600 communities.

AAM still provides services to our first client.

All of our customer care and 24/7 emergency after-hours employees are well versed with enough information to answer 196 of the most commonly asked questions regarding your community.

59% of our community managers have been with AAM for more than 3 years.

62% of our communities have been with us between 3-20 years.

All of our Community Managers are certified or working towards obtaining their certifications through local and national trade organizations.