Non-Chemical Weed Control

A number of organic gardening catalogs sell vinegar-based herbicides, usually with soap and/or lemon juice added for extra sticking and penetrating power. You can also make your own, using the recipe below. In a pinch, plain supermarket vinegar, either distilled or cider, effectively kills many troublesome weeds, including spurge.

Try this herbicide recipe that comes straight from the kitchen:

1 tablespoon dishwashing soap

1/4 cup salt

1 quart vinegar

Mix all ingredients together and spray on weeds.

You can also spray unwanted plants with rubbing alcohol. Try this solution:

2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol (use more for really tough weeds)

1 quart water

Regardless of the ingredients, apply the potion with a spray bottle and coat the plants thoroughly. Weed-killing works best on hot, sunny, wind-free days.

Source: Sunset Western Garden Book 


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