Common HOA Services

Homeowners may wonder what their Homeowner Association (HOA) does aside from collecting assessments and providing enforcement of CC&Rs.

HOA boards rely on a professional community management organization like Associated Asset to provide the following kinds of HOA services for homeowners. At Associated Asset we take this work very seriously and are committed to making your neighborhood the best it can be.

  • Assisting boards and committees in obtaining bids, undertaking projects and providing training
  • Providing expert monthly financial management reporting
  • Working closely with title companies to provide transfer and disclosure documents quickly
  • Maintaining community files electronically and in real time
  • Overseeing common areas as well as individual lots
  • Offering 24-hour emergency contacts and customer service for community-specific questions
  • Facilitating HOA board training programs
  • Helping community members make connections
  • Responding quickly and supportively when homeowner issues arise

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AAM Facts

In 2015, AAM employees have accumulated over 4,100 hours of volunteer work.

AAM currently manages over 600 communities.

AAM still provides services to our first client.

All of our customer care and 24/7 emergency after-hours employees are well versed with enough information to answer 196 of the most commonly asked questions regarding your community.

59% of our community managers have been with AAM for more than 3 years.

62% of our communities have been with us between 3-20 years.

All of our Community Managers are certified or working towards obtaining their certifications through local and national trade organizations.