AAM Radio- November 28 2013

Martha Cuzimano and Kraig Carmickle are both in Central Florida and both are leaders in the community.  Martha Cuzimano and Kraig Carmickle both located in Florida.  Martha is a dynamic committed humanitarian who is doing incredible work with the St. Rose of Lima Food Pantry in Poincianna, Florida; and Kraig Carmickle, AAM’s Central Florida Vice President. Kraig introduced AAM to Martha and together they are doing wonderful work in Florida working with many charitable organizations.  Martha and Kraig made AAM aware of this fabulous food pantry that was in need of repair. AAM came in with many volunteers and painted, landscaped, added ramps for the handicapped, and stocked the pantry, so it could better serve the community, which has a poverty rate of 16%.  In addition, Martha started a fund raising club called “Do Unto Others” and over the last 4 years, this club has raised $70,000, half of which goes to the Food Pantry and the other half goes to Habitat for Humanity.  Martha and Kraig are a fabulous team and a wonderful example of how dedication and drive can really make a difference in a community and in someone’s life.

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Growing Together; A Giving Garden: Ronda Cronin, Judith Walden, and Ann Mittelstaedt are the wonderful ladies that created this garden and have turned it into the fantastic charitable giving garden it is today. This garden not only feeds the needy; it also feeds the souls of the volunteers.  In 2009 this garden was an empty lot, but these ladies saw the potential.  They saw that this garden could create a bounty that would give to many charitable organizations and food banks and they were right!  Shortly after the plans were on paper, the fruit trees were planted, an irrigation system was installed, and then came the individual garden beds.  Since that time, hundreds of people have joined in to work, learn, and grown.  This garden not only helps feed the hungry, but it provides fresh, organic, healthy food to those who need it most. These three friends are a true inspiration and they love working with their tireless volunteers.


  • Come lend a hand on Wednesday or Saturday mornings
  •  Arrange for a tour
  • Donate with needed items or help with irrigation costs
  • They are located on the SW corner of Glendale and 2nd St, Phoenix, AZ


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