AAM Radio- December 12 2013

Anthony Davis, Service Director for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida, at the Tupperware Brands Branch is passionate about all that the Boys and Girls Clubs have to offer kids today.  He explains that the Boys and Girls Clubs are places that are safe and give hope, opportunity, and fun for all youth, not just those at risk. In Florida alone, there are 30 Boys and Girls Clubs that serve over 13,000 kids from the ages of 6yrs. -18yrs and of those 13,000 kids, 85% of them come from a single family home.  So, the Boys and Girls Clubs offer these kids a place to help them in all areas. As Anthony says, “they don’t just play, we transform them.  It takes a whole village and we do that daily.” 

To get involved you can contact :

Anthony Davis

Service Director for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida


or go to your local Boys and Girls Club and take a tour and ask how you can help.


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Kathy Johnson, Vice President of AAM’s West Valley Operations is an exceptionally qualified member of the AAM team when it comes to managing a board and running a board meeting.  Kathy informs us that a board meeting should be run like a business meeting, as the members should come prepared and review all of the materials that are provided to them well in advance of a scheduled meeting. Setting the tone and explaining the rules of a meeting at the beginning goes a long way to keeping the meeting running smoothly and being productive. This is where Kathy and AAM step in, to allow their knowledge and training to benefit a board and its community; by hiring a community manager that works for a management company and has the experience and credentials to both teach the board and help the board reach a common goal, is priceless.

Kathleen A. Johnson, PCAM®, CAAM®, AMS®
Vice President of West Valley Operations at AAM, LLC


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