AAM Radio- December 26 2013

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Linda Lang, President and CEO of Arizona Association of Community Managers (AACM), tells usw about the importance of a well-run homeowner’s association.  Linda explains how her organization works with legislators to help create and enforce laws that benefit all homeowners and their communities.  Linda is an entrepreneur and successful business woman, as well as exceptionally knowledgeable on important HOA information. 


Kim Barney, Tucson Neighborhood Hero Award Recipient, is active in keeping her community safe, clean, and festive.  Kim prides herself on caring for her neighborhood park, through the Adopt a Park program, but that is only the beginning of the work Kim does.  Kim not only cleaned up her neighborhood, but she also brought about a sense of community within that neighborhood.  Kim is the perfect example of a good neighbor. 

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Pam Landwirth, President of Give Kids The World, Tells about the phenomenal work her organization does to help give extremely ill children and their families a chance to experience joy, magic, and happiness.  No family is ever turned away from this completely free experience. There aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful this program is for these children and their families.  Pam says at Give Kids The World, they follow a simple motto of “happiness inspires hope”.  This organization was founded by Pam’s husband Henry Landwirth, a holocaust survivor, whose lack of a childhood has truly motivated him to make sure these kids get the most out of the week they spend at Give Kids The World.  For example, every Thursday is Christmas year round, simply because this might be the last Christmas these children get to experience.  Similarly, every Monday is Halloween.  Started in 1986, this magical program has served over 122,00 families around the world, with the help of 1,400 volunteers a week.  A large part of their facility will be on Extreme Makeover with Ty Pennington and the results aired on Good Morning America on January 24, 2014 (picture courtesy of gma.yahoo)


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AAM Facts

In 2015, AAM employees have accumulated over 4,100 hours of volunteer work.

AAM currently manages over 600 communities.

AAM still provides services to our first client.

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All of our Community Managers are certified or working towards obtaining their certifications through local and national trade organizations.