Neighborhood Management: Protecting Communities during Peak Vacation Season

Good neighborhood management will provide programs and resources for homeowners to ban together and help each other.  One program is the Neighborhood Watch.  A valuable tool to decrease crime and bring the community together, Neighborhood Watch programs play an important role in protecting communities while neighbors are away on vacation.  As one of the oldest and most effective crime prevention programs in the U.S., Neighborhood Watch should be an organization every homeowners joins.

In addition to the Neighborhood Watch, homeowners can take several measures to protect their homes while on vacation.  The following suggestions can help deter burglaries:

  • Notify trusted neighbors.  Concerned neighbors can be the best protection against crime in the community.
  • Make it difficult for an intruder to break in.  By installing good locks on doors and windows, a burglar might look for an easier target.
  • Don’t tell service providers of vacation schedules.  Have a neighbor collect newspapers and mail instead of putting temporary stops on deliveries.
  • Install motion detector lights outside and timers inside for lights and appliances.  The more the home looks occupied, the least likely an intruder will break in.
  • Store valuables where they can’t be seen from a window.  Better yet, put them in a safe, locked storage closet.
  • Don’t change the home’s routine.  In other words, if drapes are normally open during the day and closed at night, have a neighbor or house sitter do this task.
  • Be careful not to leave vacation notices on voice mail or e-mail messages.  Caution co-workers not to divulge personal plans.
  • Make arrangements for pets in the home.  A licensed and bonded pet sitter or relative staying at the home is the optimal situation.

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