Community Organizing: Address Speeding Issues in your Neighborhood

Unfortunately, speeding is an issue many community organizing groups must tackle.  It’s a threat to every resident’s safety, especially the small child at play.  But what can a homeowners association (HOA) do to stop it?

Whether a HOA can administer tickets and assess fines for speeding on association owned roads is a matter of state law.  If state law permits ticketing, the HOA’s governing documents will clarify whether it’s an option.

However, the HOA has alternatives available.  It can ask local law enforcement to beef-up patrols within the neighborhood.  If offenders see a more frequent police presence, they’re more apt to slow down.

Another approach may be to install traffic control devices like speed bumps or roundabouts.   Although these devices can slow speeders, they do cost the HOA money.  And, while they’re slowing down speeders, they may be also hindering emergency vehicles.

Monitoring can help identify speeders so warnings can be issued.  Cameras can capture license plates numbers.  Security guards can also help identify offenders.

Each approach has pros and cons that must be carefully weighed.  Whatever option the HOA board decides to take, it should make sure to solicit input from members first.

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