2012 Facts & Figures about HOA Management

One study, in particular, has provided tremendous insight into HOA management and how residents feel about their communities.  Ibope Inteligência, a global research organization based in Brazil, surveyed residents living in U.S. homeowner associations and uncovered some interesting findings.

During 2012, Ibope Inteligência conducted its study of community association residents.  This study was the fourth one of its kind.   Previously, the research organization performed national surveys in 2005, 2007 and 2009.  All four surveys produced similar results.

Research Company Background

Ibope Inteligência is a brand of the IBOPE Group.  Founded in Brazil in 1942, the organization today provides research on media, public opinion, voting intention, consumption, behavior, marketing, branding and other issues as required by its clients.

The company provides the largest collection of information in Brazilian and Latin American markets. In addition, IBOPE is ranked as one of Honomichl’s “Top 25 Global Research Organizations.”  In fact, it is the only Latin American company to appear on this U.S. dominated, industry standard list.

The 2012 Survey Results

Ibope Inteligência’s 2012 survey of community association residents provides a wealth of information for boards, residents and HOA management companies.  All-in-all, residents responded favorably regarding their feelings toward their associations.  For example, homeowners said:

  • They are satisfied with their HOAs.
  • They believe board members have the best interests of the community at heart.
  • They found HOA management companies provide value and support.
  • They know rules are in place to protect property values.
  • They consider assessments an investment that provides a valued return.
  • They are happy with their HOA management and do not want additional government intervention.

In addition, the Ibope Inteligência’s 2012 survey published some facinating facts and figures about the homeowner association industry.  The research company found:

  • Approximately two million residents volunteer on HOA boards annually.
  • Tens of thousands of residents serve on HOA committees.
  • A minimum of 320,000 HOA annual meetings take place each year.
  • Over 2.5 million association boards of director meetings are held annually.
  • At least one million HOA committee meetings are conducted each year.
  • Annually, the time board members and resident volunteers devote to HOA management is estimated at $850 million.
  • During 2012, HOA boards of directors collected almost $40 billion in annual assessments.
  • Also during 2012, HOA boards maintained investment accounts in excess of $35 billion to maintain and/or replace community property.

The positive feedback from this survey is encouraging, but it doesn’t mean communities don’t still have work to do.  HOA management is an ongoing process that requires skill, expertise, experience and a lot of effort.  The homeowners, volunteers, board of directors and HOA management company need to work together to ensure the community remains on track to accomplish its goals.

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