5 Most Common Questions Asked by Homeowners Who Live in an Arizona HOA (1)

HOA members typically have the same concerns.  Board members and HOA property managers usually find themselves answering the same questions repeatedly.  The answers to the top five questions homeowners ask are:

  1. What do my assessments pay for?

    Money collected for assessments support the community’s operation.  Examples include maintenance expenses for common areas, such as landscaping, water, electricity, pest control, insurance, and more.  Assessments may also pay for professional management fees.  Members can request a copy of the HOA budget and review expenses at any time.
  1. I didn’t know I was a member of an association. How do I get out of it?

    Purchasing a home within a homeowners association requires accepting official documents, or CCRs, at escrow.  These documents represent legally binding contracts.
  1. What happens if I don’t pay my assessments?

    According to the CCRs, an automatic lien will be placed after multiple attempts are made to notify the owner regarding the delinquency.  The board of directors has the option of recording the lien at the county courthouse.  It can also hire a collection agency and restrict privileges to common facilities until assessments are brought current.
  1. How do I file a complaint against my neighbor if they are not in compliance with the community standards?

    After verifying the complaint, management will notify the offending party.  The goal is to find a mutually agreeable resolution as quickly as possible.
  1. How do I contact the Board of Directors for my association?

    Serving as a liaison between homeowners and the board, the management company is the first line of contact.  After that, members can schedule a matter for the next board meeting.  If the matter cannot wait until an upcoming board meeting, the manager would work with the board to find a solution.

For more helpful information, visit the AAM website, homeowner resources website, or continue to read the Associated Asset Management Blog for information about HOA Management.


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