Employee Spotlight: Tania Hirschi

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Meet Tania, one of the many behind the scenes team members that help ensure the HOA process and billing are one less thing our builder clients have to worry about. Starting her career at AAM back in 2005, Hirschi (pronounced “Hershey”) works in the Builder Billing Department. In response to the onslaught of foreclosures AAM formed a team to asses bad debt accounts in 2009, Tania was part of this small team and eventually become the lead in her department. After evaluating accounts receivable files, Hirschi single-handily contacted each AAM Community Manager with the bad debt balances for every community they manage. “It was such a great opportunity to work on such a large project that had a valuable outcome for our communities,” said Hirschi. Today Tania responsibilities include: creating builder accounts; sending out monthly billing ledgers for developer and investor clients; debt collections; and customer service.

Much of her position deals with research and finding the answers to the key components that her position is structured around. She works closely with numerous departments including community managers, staff accountants, attorneys, transfers department and developer services. Most of her day-to-day activities involved sitting in front of a computer doing research and corresponding with numerous parties. When asked what she thought her greatest strength was she responded patience and ingenuity. Because no two communities are the same and the nuances lead to complexities, there is always a new challenge and learning experience. Tania added “research is my favorite part of my job. Occasionally I run into a situation where part of a community’s documents are missing, so it becomes my responsibility to search through assessor and recording sites to find the missing pieces”. Ensuring accuracy is Hirschi’s specialty, and one of AAM’s prime focuses when working with all of our clients, big or small.


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In 2015, AAM employees have accumulated over 4,100 hours of volunteer work.

AAM currently manages over 600 communities.

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