Community Association Management for Developers

You build communities. AAM helps you build total peace of mind.

With over 26 years of community association management experience and more than 530 residential and commercial community associations under our management, we deliver peace of mind to developers in search of expert management.

Our community association management services for developers include:

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  • Preparing a built-out budget to determine assessment amount.
  • Creating a cash flow budget to determine the financial obligation of developer, when documents provide a subsidy requirement.
  • Analysis of monthly financial statements, including quarterly “indicated actual” reports, tracking income and expenses in order to monitor Developer’s actual subsidies vs. projected subsidies.
  • Applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN), as needed, for non-profit corporations to file taxes and open bank accounts.
  • Opening necessary bank accounts on behalf of the Association, including operating and reserve accounts (as required).

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   Community Establishment

  • Evaluating and advising on Governing Documents including Articles, Bylaws, and CC&Rs.
  • Appointing AAM, LLC as members to the architectural committee, so the Declarant is not required to review every minor architectural submittal, as long as it complies with the Governing Documents. The Board Member will be included on the Committee for unusual or precedent setting submittals and to ensure in compliance with statute.
  • Creating working documents including Design Guidelines, Association Rules, and Fine and Collection policies.
  • Providing Builder title companies with closing instructions for Association fees to be collected on “Builder-to-Homeowner” transactions.
  • Developing a custom built website that can link to Builder sites for sales information (if Premium website option is selected).
  • Assist with information needed to complete public reports.
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   Developer Management

  • Coordinating the transition of common areas to the Association for maintenance.
  • Assistance deeding the common area tracts to the Association and submitting for common area valuation to receive property tax savings on common area tracts.
  • Assistance setting up utility accounts in the Association name (as long as Articles have been filed and the Association is in good standing), including invoicing for deposits or applying for bonds as may be required by utility companies as a security deposit.
  • Ordering a reserve study to ensure the proper funding of the reserve account is started as soon as possible.
  • Lifestyle development of social activities and event programming.

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  Pre Development Consulting Services

The services listed above are all available on an hourly consulting basis prior to signing a management contract. Call Kim Olson at 602.288.2612 or Marsha Smith at 602.906.4935 to discuss your community needs today.

We are Dedicated to Delivering Total Peace of Mind to our developer clients by taking the headaches out of community association management. Developers trust AAM because of our expert track record and established team. Contact us today to learn more about our community association management services for developers.

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We would like to praise AAM

"We would like to praise AAM for the countless hours your team spent assisting in the build out forecast planning for our large DW communities. We presented the forecast to our Area President and VP of Finance. The reviews went very well. In fact, we were able to confidently discuss strategic options related to the communities. These discussions were productive because the forecast information was trusted by the participants. Our team recognizes your organization's valuable contributions. We will soon be calling on you to manage our next new property in Arizona." -Jim K., Pulte Group