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When managing your assets, experience counts. With almost 200,000 homes managed in over 600 communities throughout Arizona, California, Michigan, New Mexico and North Carolina and Texas, AAM is a recognized industry leader in providing services to community associations. Our accounting experience, advances in technology and culture allows us to improve your community and save you money.

ICO Clarity

Do your financial statements lack clarity?

Our financials are easy to read and understand. We have numerous standard reports to choose from and we can create custom reports for your use. For example, our customized utility usage report shows detailed water usage and costs for every water and electric meter on your property, allowing you to spot wastage, leaks and inefficiencies.

Hour Glass

Manual accounting procedures slowing you down?

Manual accounting systems require accountants and clerks to keep books by physically keying in data and transactions which requires additional time, is less efficient and increases the opportunity for error. At AAM, we utilize the latest technology including Jenark for our accounting and customer service software and Kofax for our accounts payable invoice management and processing. Through Kofax, all invoices are bar coded and scanned, and the images and numbers are automatically uploaded into Jenark. In Jenark, a PO is created and notification is sent for Community Managers to approve online. Once approved, the invoices are downloaded into a batch and moved into payment status by our Accounts Payable staff. Our proven accounting systems achieve greater accuracy and efficiency.

ICO Moneybag

Do you have trouble collecting assessments?

We understand the issues involved in collecting dues from homeowners. We collect millions of dollars each year from almost 200,000 homeowners efficiently and effectively. We have a dedicated and caring team ranging from customer service representatives to homeowner billing coordinators that ensure assessments are billed and collected; and that people having difficulty paying are treated with respect and in accordance with the community governing documents and collection policy.

ICO Data

Are you frustrated with inaccurate and incomplete financial data?

Having accounting experts prepare your financial statements means fewer errors and the possibility of saving money. At AAM, we employ degreed professional staff accountants as well as CPAs and MBAs. We are a Tier 1 Jenark software user with our own customization. Our assessment collection module, along with Paylease and online payment through our secure website mitigates human error and ensures streamlined processing.

ICO Comp

Do you offer a range of payment options?

Through the banking institutions that provide service for our clients, AAM is able to offer credit card payment options (fees apply) and check processing as standard methods for payment. Online payments go to a lockbox which is swept daily and the downloaded data is uploaded into AAM accounting software (Jenark).

ICO Clock

Are your financials often late?

Financials will always be prepared and ready for your monthly Board Meeting. We will deliver your financials by the 15th of each month, unless otherwise directed by you. Financials are delivered electronically via your email and can be posted to your community website.

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Are your assets safe?

AAM voluntarily completed a Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE 16) audit to independently verify that our accounting and IT systems and controls are secure and effective. This extensive audit, conducted over many months by an independent third party, seeks to identify and correct inefficiencies or areas of improvement within our organization, allowing us to continually improve the level of service we offer to our Associations. To our knowledge, we are one of only a few management companies who have voluntarily undertaken and completed this audit and obtained SSAE 16 certification.