HOA Management Services: Consulting

We believe that HOA Management services should provide real value - value that not only improves property values and makes the day to day management of a community a pain free experience.

In America, homeowners, and even HOAs have come to expect very little from their HOAs. We believe this has resulted in a frighteningly poor reputation for the industry as a whole.

That’s why we, at AAM, are so committed to truly outstanding HOA management. Over the past 25 years we’ve raised the bar on HOA management – and now we provide consulting for other organizations in the business.

In addition to serving as a premier HOA management company, AAM provides the following HOA management services for start-up residential, commercial and condominium associations:

    • Review all governing documents and drawings for the association
    • Prepare specifications to be used for bidding monthly maintenance contracts
    • Bid all maintenance contracts based on specifications
    • Determine appropriate staffing needed for the community
    • Determine information technology needs for on-site offices in associations
    • Create and consult on lifestyle aspects of associations
    • Prepare operating and reserve budgets
    • Coordinate with an outside company to prepare a reserve study for each association
    • Complete cash flow budgets, based on the built-out operating and reserve budgets, to assist in determining potential subsidies during the development's build-out period
    • Prepare association's working documents, including design guidelines, fine policy and collection policy
    • Provide full service human resources department to recruit staff for associations as appropriate
    • Order and coordinate installation of information technology systems

Demand more from your HOA management services company. Let us show you how.

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AAM consulting services

"My business dealings put me in contact with several HOA communities, and those managed by AAM are the most well organized and professional. The job is seldom simple, but AAM appears committed to handling the challenges we all face in difficult economic times."

- Carl S., Tatum Highlands