5 Most Significant Challenges Facing Neighborhoods

5-Challenges -Facing -Homeowners

The 5 Most Significant Challenges Facing American Neighborhoods
What Every HOA Board & Homeowner Must Know to Survive and Thrive

This groundbreaking new study of American homeowners is critical to your success and well-being.

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The U.S. population is changing, our communities are becoming more diverse and homeowners are experiencing new and challenging situations. The pace of life keeps speeding up, technology is evolving and people are connecting with each other less. Americans are busy, distracted, self-absorbed and transient.

Did you know that only 25% of Americans know most or all of their neighbors' names?

AAM began to notice a disturbing set of trends about the state of communities. As a result, and as a service to our clients, we have conducted a full research study to investigate these trends, particularly in the communities we serve, and what we can do about them.

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5 Significant Challenges

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groundbreaking new study
5 Most Significant Challenges
Facing American Neighborhoods.

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