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AAM consistently delivers services that exceed the expectations of our homeowners and community association Boards. Thousands of satisfied clients have shared their experiences. Here are just a few of them:

"Our Community Manager is responsive, timely and communicates well with us. She is very good at identifying a risk we may be encroaching upon when we are discussing solutions to items that come up. This keeps us out of trouble and potentially prevents volatile situations with the homeowners. We have learned to trust her judgement and appreciate her input for recommendations." - Pam S., Saguaro Shadows 

"AAM has done an outstanding job Managing our community for many years. When I hear stories from friends living in other non-AAM communities, I realize how lucky we have been." - Carol T., Legend Trail

"The Community has never looked better, and attention to our needs is right on target every time. We have a great Board of Directors but we also have a great Community Manager working with us every step of the way. He listens, he responds and he acts." - Marta V., Anasazi Village 

"Our community is lucky to have the support of such an experienced team. The AAM team understands the issues we are facing, provides advice and guidance of potential issues based on actions and/or in actions, and provides the Board members with the tools we need to make wise decisions for our community." - Kellie H., Foothills Reserve A1 and A2

"Our Community Manager seems to be as interested in our community's success as those of us who live there. She is extremely professional, attentive, gives honest and forthright information when asked, and lets the Board members and community members do what they need to. She's a great steward. She lets us do what we feel we need to do, but tries to keep us from flailing about uncontrollably when others in her position might feel they need to keep back." - Kelly H., Northwest Ranch 

"AAM has been a great partner for Lakewood since they took over management of our property. Their On-site Manager is fantastic, answering questions, meeting with contractors, responding to homeowners, and doing all of the little things it takes to make a warm and welcoming community." - Mark P., Lakewood Community 

"I'm a Board Member and President and I feel that AAM is one of, if not the best service in the valley. They respond promptly, are very aware of our needs, and go far beyond our expectations." - Robert G., Saguaro Canyon 

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