Brent Berner

Brent Berner, has over 15 years in the HOA industry, joining AAM as a Community Manager, Brent now serves as the Vice President of West Valley Operations.  Brent has had a decorated career prior to working for AAM. He was the VP of Operations followed by VP and General Manager, CSSI, Inc. (an Engineering and Technical Services firm in Washington DC, for FAA Air Traffic Control systems). Developed interactive display for the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and the National Science Center.  Member of the NATO Position Navigation Working Group (13 nation group).  Former Air Traffic Controller.  Liaison Officer in London Air Route Traffic Control Center and then Berlin Center.  A former Air Force officer, retired out of the Pentagon. He held unit Commander position at Williams Air Force base, which began his interest in Arizona. He also was a former mediator with over 200 hours, certified by the Virginia courts, for General District Court and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, mediations.  Working closely with managers, offering his background, experience and expertise to help navigate important issues, Brent is a valuable resource and liaison to the Board of Directors and associations he manages.