Credit Card Remittance Application Form

AAM is always looking for ways to enhance our partnerships with the vendors serving our communities, which led to the development of the Credit Card Remittance program. The Credit Card Remittance program is a new payment option that AAM has made available to all of our vendors. This program provides Due Upon Receipt terms, faster processing, fraud reduction and elimination of the need for paper checks.

If you are a new vendor to an AAM community please complete the New Vendor Application. If you’re an existing vendor and would like to participate in the Credit Card Remittance program please, fill out the form below.

If you select Credit Card Remittance, your remittance advice will be delivered via email to the Accounting Email Address you indicate above. Remittances will be sent at the same time funds are made available via Credit Card Remittance.

Do you accept credit cards? In order to take advantage of Credit Card Remittance you MUST accept credit cards and not charge a convenience fee.

By selecting Credit Card Remittance, payment terms are Due Upon Receipt. Funds are expedited electronically to your merchant account, eliminating paper checks. Please note that AAM, LLC does not charge a fee for participating in Credit Card Remittance, but you will be responsible for any merchant card service fees charged by your provider. By selecting this payment option you are agreeing to participate in the Credit Card Remittance program.

If you have questions about this program please email

All information is REQUIRED before application is complete and for payment to be released. A lapse in insurance will terminate approved vendor status.

Upon receipt, review, and processing of your enrollment form, we will send you a secured email welcoming you to the program and providing the card details you will use to process payments. Within five (5) business days your payment type will be updated as Credit Card Remittance.

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