HOA Management Company: Defining Your Pet Policies

The homeowner association (HOA) board and HOA management company will refer members to the community’s CC&Rs for pet policies.  These documents will clearly outline rules governing all aspects of keeping pets within the community.  Some of the more common regulations might include:

  • Types of pets – The rules will indicate if dogs, cats, birds and other pets are allowed within the community.
  • Size and/or breed of pets –The policy may stipulate weight limits or approved breeds for dogs.  The intention might be to allow smaller dogs.  Exceptions to this policy would be service dogs for the physically and emotionally handicapped. 
  • Use of common areas – Pets may be prohibited from using common use areas such as recreational spots.   In areas pets are allowed, owners will be required to clean-up after them.
  • Leash laws – The HOA may require dogs to be on leashes at all times when outside of their yards.  Most municipalities have leash laws as well.
  • Unrestrained cats – For their safety and welfare, cats should be kept inside.  Plus, many neighbors don’t like cats in their yards.
  • Barking – The CC&Rs will identify what the HOA deems as nuisance barking.  It will also clarify how the HOA will handle these situations.

Every HOA member has the responsibility to fully understand the community’s pet policies.  Adhering to these policies will keep everyone happy, including the four-legged residents!

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