AAM recognizes market trends and is always growing and moving forward

AAM recognizes market trends and is always growing and moving forward.  In addition to our strong presence in suburban communities, AAM is also expanding into urban communities.  Urban management requires a distinct awareness and that is why AAM has created an Urban Living Division.

As AAM understands the differences between neighborhoods and urban-living communities; this specialized division is well equipped to handle all high rise and condo needs from a variety of services which include, but are not limited to; building maintenance schedules, customer service training, front desk manuals for running the front desk and emergency procedures for the buildings, resident service coordinators assisting owners with concierge services and other HOA needs, move-in and move-out procedures, guest and vendor policies to add security to the buildings, emergency evacuation plans, full service websites that offer email and text message blasts, and homeowner orientation for owners and their tenants. 

To learn more about our Urban Living Division, please contact  Janice Martinez, VP of Urban Living, at jmartinez@associatedasset.com or 602-288-2651 or 800-354-0257