How AAM Saves Developers Time and Money

AAM employs a team of Certified Legal Document Preparers (CLDP). Our CLDPs maintain their certification in full compliance with the Judicial Code in the presiding states we currently do business. For instance, Rule 31 of the Arizona Supreme Court, approved in July 2003, requires that persons and entities who are non-lawyers and who are engaged in the preparation of legal documents, shall obtain the certification of Legal Document Preparer (LDP). This is not a certification to practice law or render legal advice, but it permits an LDP to perform or provide limited and specific services related to legal document preparation and provision. In addition, a certified LDP must comply with the requirements of Arizona Judicial Code, Section 7-208, as adopted by the Arizona Supreme Court, which provides for the statewide certification of legal document preparers. It was adopted due to the Court’s recognition for the need to protect the public from possible harm caused by non-lawyers providing certain legal services, such as document preparation and/or provisions.

AAM’s CLDPs provide clients with a multitude of services that include, but are not limited to, payment plans, small claim documents, collection policies, electronic recordation of trustee deeds, articles of incorporation, CC&R’s, bankruptcies, as well annexation documents. These services have been proven to save time and money for our customers! First, our clients can benefit by having AAM listed as the statutory agent on the Annual Reports and the Notice of Community (if AAM is not already listed). It saves time when Notices against the Association can be sent to AAM directly.

AAM is readily available to handle all notices on behalf of every community managed. This is particularly convenient in the occurrence of new home sales that use outside mortgage companies. In addition, AAM listed as the statutory agent ensures that closing documents are delivered to the appropriate parties. Second, AAM has saved our clients thousands of dollars by ensuring that the common areas are consolidated and deeded to the association. Our CLDPs submit for Common Area Valuation to provide the common area tracts are valued appropriately at a $500 value per parcel. For example, in Maricopa County, a deed must be recorded by June 30th transferring common areas to the Association to be eligible for Common Area Valuation for the following year. We work with our developer clients for new communities to confirm as many common areas as possible are deeded prior to this deadline.

For more information or questions on how AAM’s CLDP department can save your company time and money contact Kim Olson, Vice President of Developer Services for AAM by phone at 602.288.2612 or by email at