Our designated Developer Services Team


As builder and developer clients of AAM, you may be familiar with the services our designated team of professionals provides your communities from inception through transition to homeownercontrolled Boards.

However, are you also familiar with the specialized services AAM provides that can be utilized during the initial stages of planning your community?

There are numerous benefits we can provide by discussing the plans of a community with us beforehand, such as assisting with the selection of community amenities. With our long standing background in master-planned development and management, we have the proven expertise necessary to effectively advise on what amenities to include in your community.

Our clients can rely on our years of experience to help select what will work best, be the most efficient and bring homeowners the most satisfaction in their upcoming community. From a detailed cost analysis of salt water versus traditional chlorine pools to extensive research on plant pallets to the insurance risks of community skate parks to the maintenance of dog parks, we have the resources to help achieve the vision of your community.

By partnering with AAM from the very beginning, we are able to identify possible concerns and, when appropriate, provide recommendations to improve plans in advance, based on our experience managing and maintaining the amenities long-term.