Selecting an HOA Vendor

How do you know where to start, who to trust, and how to find companies that will provide the best quality workmanship for your Association? 

Below are eight helpful tips that will guide you in the right direction when selecting a new HOA vendor:

  • Make sure the vendor has the proper insurance (liability, auto, and workers compensation) and that the coverage is current.

  • Ask for references to inquire about their performance. In the case of landscape, which is generally the largest contract in most homeowners associations, visit a few of the communities where they are providing their landscape maintenance services.

  • Make it a best practice to get at least three competitive bids, when possible.

  • Give each vendor you ask to bid an RFP or scope of work from which to offer.

  • Meet with the vendor to review the proposal to ensure that the services proposed are what you are expecting before the contract is executed. Always get a formal contract signed by both parties.

  • Make sure there is a standard 30-day termination clause with or without cause, should the work performed not meet contract requirements or circumstances change.

  • When applicable, make sure the contractor has required certifications and/or licensing.

  • Check for complaints when applicable with the ROC and/or BBB.