A Lasting First Impressions

Say good-by to your static HOA website and hello to responsive designs.

What was once new and improved is now old and outdated, and because of this consistent pattern of update, adapt, revise and repeat, we have come to expect innovations for greater efficiency. Responsive website design is classified as one of those innovations but with a key differentiator being that it will last substantially longer than its predecessor, the static layout.

Responsive website design adapts fluidly to any screen size, orientation and device. And because we now have hundreds of screen sizes to choose from and conduct business through, responsive sites have become expected, if they are not already.

A study done by *Statista shows that 52% of all internet traffic in 2018 was done through a mobile device; meaning if a website isn’t mobile responsive a chunk of users are robbed of an efficient experience.

Another study revealed that *85% of adults think a website when viewed on a mobile device should be as good as or better than its desktop site.

So how does this affect HOAs?

The mobile-centric bias being adopted by society has started to affect every industry, and since the internet is more popular than ever for conducting business, Homeowner Associations may want to mimic the trends that any small or large business is currently making.

Here are a few key points to consider if your HOA provides a website to homeowners:

    • How would a homeowner rate usability on their mobile device?

    • What impression does your current site depict to new or prospective homeowners? Is it an outdated representation of the community?

    • What investment is the community willing to make to improve the homeowner experience?

With the many benefits associated with responsive design, you may conclude that it is worth the financial investment to convert your community’s website in order to elevate the online experience for current and prospective homeowners.

If your association wants to upgrade to a responsive design, please contact Alex Borshch at aborshch@associatedasset.com to learn how AAM’s web development team can help deliver affordable results.