Feb 11 Sentate Bills Added

Two new bills relating to HOAs have been assigned to committiees.  SB 1277 which is the amateur radio bill and SB 1333 which is the bill that would prohibit unanimous written consent and require secret balloting.  See links below for more detail.

SB 1333 (added 02-11-2013) - This bill would require that statutes governing annual and regular meetings of corporations would no longer apply to HOAs. HOAs would be prohibited from taking any action by written ballot or written consent instead of in-person and absentee voting. The bill further states that HOA elections must use secret ballots, provide for independent observers to witness the tallying of ballots, and save voted ballots for one year.  HOA boards would also be prohibited from including endorsements for any candidates for election in any official materials circulated, posted or provided by the board.  http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/51leg/1r/bills/sb1333p.pdf

SB 1277 (added 02-11-2013) - This bill would require that municipal and county zoning ordinances and HOA rules and regulations provide for reasonable heights and dimensions for accommodation of amateur radio station emergency service communications antennae and structures.  http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/51leg/1r/bills/sb1277p.pdf