Legislative Update - 2015 Recap

The 52nd Legislative Session ended on Friday, April 3rd.  At 81 days, this is the shortest session in almost 50 years. This year two bills related to homeowner associations passed and a few died, they can be viewed below.  

HB2084  condominiums; planned communities; associations; disclosures

Requires associations to file an annual report as well as a separate statement with the ACC and not the county recorder.  The statement needs to contain contact information for the designated agent (address, email, phone, fax and website)and specify where written responses to violation notices be sent as well as any changes within 30 days.

Status: 3/17 governor signed

SB1091  homeowners' associations; removal; special meetings

Members of an HOA who are eligible to vote at the time of a meeting may remove any member of the Board (other than a member appointed by the declarant) by a majority vote, if quorum is present.  Determining quorum is based on the number of persons eligible to vote at the time the person signed the petition or attends the meeting.

Status: 3/30 governor signed 

SB1042  political signs; size, date regulation

Status: 1/13 assigned to Government committee

SB1385 homeowners' associations; traffic enforcement; penalties

Status: 2/23 failed to pass Senate

SB1452  homeowners' associations; condominiums; director removal

Status: 3/30 failed to pass House

SB1453  homeowners' associations; enforcement; elections; meetings

Status: 3/30 failed to pass House