April 15, 2016 Arizona HOA Legislation Update #12

Please note the following as it relates to the 2016 Arizona Legislation Session:

Today, April 15th, marks the last day for consideration of bills in Conference Committees.

House Rule 17G states:

... Conference Committees shall consider all bills prior to the Saturday of the week in which the 97th day (April 16) of session falls.

Saturday, April 23rd, is adjournment sine die.

House Rule 2A states:

... regular sessions shall be adjourned sine die no later than the Saturday of the week in which the 100th day (April 19) of session falls.

The Speaker and the President may extend the session for a period not to exceed seven additional days. Thereafter, the session can be extended only by a majority vote of the Members. All signs are pointing to adjournment end of next week, sine die.

Below is the list of HOA specific bills and their most current status updates:

House Bill 2172

Planned communities; architectural designs; approval

Status:  3/30 Signed by Governor. Chapter 83, Laws 2016.

House Bill 2106

Homeowners' associations; enforcement grace period

Status:  4/11 Senate adopted conference report #5132. Awaits House adoption and final vote in both houses.

House Bill 2382

Property; declaration amendment; procedure

Status:  3/24 Passed Senate, 29-0. Ready for House action on Senate amendments.  

House Bill 2613

Regulatory boards; licensing; revisions

Status:  4/6 Retained on Senate COW calendar.

Senate Bill 1496

Homeowners associations; director removal

Status:  3/24 From House Rules okay. House COW approved.  

Senate Bill 1498

Homeowners associations; fees; hearings; elections

Status:  3/30 Passed Housed, 57-0. Ready for Senate action on House amendments. 

Dead Bills:* 

House Bill 2513

Condominiums; exterior changes; approval

Status:  2/17 Bill currently being held.

House Bill 2612

Rental properties; prohibited penalties

Status:  3/3 Passed House 34-23; ready for the Senate. 

House Bill 2656

Homeowner's associations; cumulative voting; prohibition

Status:  3/1 House COW approved with floor amendment #4691 and amendment #4692. 

Senate Bill 1497

Homeowners associations; Board conflicts 

Status:  2/29 Retained on Senate COW calendar. 

Senate Bill 1499

Homeowners associations; managers; licensure; hearings

Status:  2/11 This bill will not be heard this session. AACM will work with Senator David Farnsworth next year on certification.

Senate Bill 1088

Secured residential communities; process servers

Status:  2/16 Failed to pass the Senate.

*Bills are currently dead, should their status change, we will provide immediate updates.