2017 Legislation Update #2

With the deadline to introduce new legislation in the Senate on Monday, January 30th, it is predicted that there will be a flood of bills introduced prior to the deadline at 5:00 p.m.  After the deadline, no new bills will be able to be introduced in the Senate (the House deadline is February 10th). However, there is still the possibility of utilizing the Strike Everything Amendment, which removes the language from an existing bill and replaces it with completely new language. We will continue to monitor all new legislation and amendments. 

This session, there are several bills currently on our radar that directly impact Arizona HOAs. These bills include:

House Bill 2146

Homeowners' associations; disclosure documents; agent

Status: 1/12 referred to House Committee  

House Bill 2321

Homeowners' associations; cumulative voting; prohibition

Status: 1/23 referred to House Local and International Affairs Committee 

Senate Bill 1007

Home based business; operations; employees

Status: 1/9 referred to Senate Committee of Public Safety 

Senate Bill 1060

Homeowners' associations; dispute process

Status: 1/26 passed Senate 30-0, ready for House 

Senate Bill 1113

HOAs; artificial grass ban prohibited

Status: 1/26 from Senate gov do pass  

Senate Bill 1175

Real estate transfer fees; definition

Status: 1/23 referred to Senate Committee of Public Safety  

Senate Bill 1240

Statute declaring that a homeowners' association has no authority over and cannot regulate any roadway for which the ownership has been dedicated to or is otherwise held by a governmental entity applies to all planned communities without regard to whether the declaration is recorded before or after the effective date of this legislation. Previously, these provisions applied only to planned communities for which the declaration was recorded after December 31, 2014.

Status: 1/24 referred to Senate gov 

Senate Bill 1288

Expands the list of reasons a condo or HOA board member is required to declare a conflict of interest to include any contract, decision or other action for compensation taken by the board that would benefit any employer or employee of that member. For all circumstances where a condo or HOA board member declares a conflict of interest, the board member is prohibited from playing a part directly or indirectly in the board's deliberations or vote on that issue, instead of being permitted to vote after the declaration. 

Status: 1/26 referred to Senate gov

Senate Bill 1289

An administrative law judge is prohibited from awarding attorney fees to the association in a dispute between an owner and a condo association or homeowners' association.

Status: 1/26 referred to Senate gov