2018 Arizona Legislative Update COW Approval with Amendments

This session, there are several bills currently on our radar that directly impact Arizona HOAs. These bills include:


HOA Priority Bills:


House Bill 2262

Condominiums; Termination; Appraisals

Status: 2/14 - House COW approved with amendment #4053 and floor amendment #4237. Passed House 58-1 and ready for Senate 


House Bill 2308

Homeowners' Associations; Improvement Districts; Zoning 

Status: 1/18 - Referred to House Gov.


House Bill 2530

Homeowners' Associations; Declarant Control; Conflicts 

Status: 2/6 - Referred to House Local-International Affairs


House Bill 2540

Homeowners' Associations; Radar Guns; Certification 

Status: 2/14 - Failed 3-4, House Local-International Affairs


House Bill 2609

Homeowner's Associations'; Assessments; Foreclosures

Status: 2/14 - House Local-International Affairs held 


Senate Bill 1012

Private Process Servers: Authority

Status: 1/8 - Referred to Senate Jud. 


Senate Bill 1084

Condo; Termination; Appraisal Dispute

Status: 2/14 - Senate COW approved with amendment #4072 and floor amendment #4238. 2/15 - Passed Senate 29-0, ready for House 


Senate Bill 1495

Condominiums; Planned Communities; Meetings 

Status: 2/14 - Senate Gov. held


Dead Bills:

(please note that a "dead" status is subject to change)


Senate Bill 1080

Homeowners' Associations; Foreclosures; Assessments

Status: 1/9 - Referred to Senate Gov.   

COW: The whole House (or whole Senate) meets to discuss the bill and the recommendations  that have been made by the standing committees.  This is the “COW” for “Committee of the Whole” (whole House or whole Senate).