2018 Arizona Legislative HOA Bills on the Radar

This session, there are several bills currently on our radar that directly impact Arizona HOAs. These bills include:


HOA Priority Bills:


House Bill 2262

Condominiums; Termination; Appraisals

Status: 2/6 - stricken from House COW consent calendar


House Bill 2308

Homeowners' Associations; Improvement Districts; Zoning 

Status: 1/18 - Referred to House Gov.


House Bill 2530

Persons who have either a specified business or familial relationship with the declarant or who have the appearance of a conflict of interest due to specified real estate activities in the community are ineligible to serve on the board of directors of a homeowners' association after the period of declarant control.

Status: 2/6 - Referred to House Local-International Affairs


House Bill 2540

A homeowners' association is prohibited from using a doppler radar unit or other speed enforcement tool to detect a violation of statutory speed restrictions or of a city or town ordinance unless the radar or tool is properly calibrated by a licensed facility and the results are submitted to the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board, the operator of the unit or tool has at least 10 hours of training on its proper use, and the speed detected is at least 10 miles per hour above the posted speed limit.

Status: 2/6 - Referred to House Local-International Affairs 


House Bill 2609

A lien on a unit in a condominium association or homeowner's association is required to be enforced first by a civil action for the amount owed, and on entry of judgement, by proper execution of a garnishment of monies or property, and the HOA may foreclose on the property only on any failure to recover the full amount of the assessments owed by way of the execution of the writ of garnishment.

Status: 2/7 - Referred to House Local-International Affairs 


Senate Bill 1012

Private Process Servers: Authority

Status: 1/8 - Referred to Senate Jud. 


Senate Bill 1084

Condo; Termination; Appraisal Dispute

Status: 2/6 - From Senate Rules okay 


Senate Bill 1495

Condominiums; Planned Communities; Meetings 

Status: 1/31 - Referred to Senate Gov. 


Dead Bills:

(please note that a "dead" status is subject to change)


Senate Bill 1080

Homeowners' Associations; Foreclosures; Assessments

Status: 1/9 - Referred to Senate Gov.