2019 Arizona Legislative Session Begins

The 54th Arizona Legislative-First Regular Session kicked off, Monday, January 14, 2019. While still in the period for new bill introductions, Members are working with staff to draft and introduce new legislation daily. 

With 100 days in regular session, AAM will track bills pertinent to our industry and keep you informed, posting updates on our website regularly and sending weekly email blasts.

This session, there a couple of bills currently on our radar that directly impact ArizonaHOAs. These bills include:

HOA Priority Bills:

House Bill 2138


A homeowners' association cannot prohibit the installation of an evaporative cooler that is designed
primarily for use as a residential cooling device.

Status: 1/28 - Referred to House Committee 

House Bill 2374


Statutes regulating planned communities applies to planned communities and associations that are
incorporated or organized after 1973. Retroactive to July 17, 1994, for the purpose of those statutes, the definition of "association" is modified to exclude an organization that is created or incorporated for the sole purpose of supporting recreational activities in a real estate development. Contains a legislative intent section. Severability clause.

Status: 1/30 - Referred to House Government