2021 Arizona Legislative Session Begins

The 55th Arizona Legislative-First Regular Session kicked off, Monday, January 11, 2021. 

With 100 days in regular session, AAM will track bills pertinent to our industry and keep you informed, posting updates on our website regularly and sending weekly email blasts.

This session, there a couple of bills currently on our radar that may directly impact Arizona HOAs.

HOA Priority Bills:

House Bill 2030


Condominium associations and homeowners associations cannot prohibit the display of a flag that represents one or more categories of first responders

Status: 1/12 - Referred to House Government Elect.

House Bill 2052


Condominium associations and planned community associations cannot prohibit or unreasonably restrict a unit owner or member's ability to peacefully assemble and use private or common elements of the community if done in compliance with reasonable restrictions for the use of that property adopted by the board of directors. An individual unit owner or member or a group of unit owners or members are permitted to organize to discuss or address association business, including board elections or recalls, potential or actual ballot issues or revisions to the community documents, property maintenance or safety issues or any other association business or actions. A unit owner or member is allowed to invite a political candidate or other non-unit owner guest to speak to an assembly of unit owners or members. For the purpose of the prohibition on condominium associations and planned community associations prohibiting the display of a political sign, the definition of "political sign" is expanded to include a sign regarding any activity to elect or remove association directors or to circulate or oppose petitions for actions in the association or in support of or opposition to association ballot measures or other questions.

Status: 1/20 - From House Government Elect., do pass