NM Legislative Session Ended March 21

This year, session began on Tuesday, January 20th and ended 60 days later on Saturday, March 21st. With three (3) HOA related bills this session, this year was relatively quiet as compared to years past. Bills can be found by clicking on the corresponding link below, only HB320 was passed and currently awaiting the Governors signature, if not signed by April 10th it will become pocket vetoed and therefore not effective.

HB320: http://www.nmlegis.gov/Sessions/15%20Regular/bills/house/HB0320.pdf

Status: On Governors desk for approval


HB380: http://www.nmlegis.gov/Sessions/15%20Regular/bills/house/HB0380.pdf

Status: passed Senate on 3/13 and then the Senate Judiciary Committee but that is as far as it went 


SB491: http://www.nmlegis.gov/Sessions/15%20Regular/bills/senate/SB0491.pdf

Status: Passed the Senate Judiciary Committee with committee report adopted but didn't make it any further


This year's session included, passing max speed limit on un-posted county road to 55 mph, allow municipal golf courses and state museums to sell distilled spirits, beer and wine, streamlined teacher administrative licensure, created a state board and fund to help eradicate bullying, required the secretary of state to allow online voter registration, have hospitals costs and quality information posted on a public website, authorize counties, municipalities to impose 2-cents-a-gallon gasoline and special fuels tax, allow property tax notices to be sent by email and prohibits an HOA form adopting rules stricter than local state or federal laws for flag-flying.