Released in 2018, the AAM All Access mobile app was developed by Associated Asset Management (AAM), a nationally recognized leader in community association management and accounting services for clients throughout the United States. Residents living in communities managed by AAM have exclusive access to the app. Users can obtain important information about their HOA membership wherever they are and on any mobile device. By the end of 2021, AAM All Access reached the 50,000 active users milestone. Dark And Light Modecompressed

Available in both the Apple Store and Google Play, AAM All Access is free and provides homeowner users instant access to their HOA financial statements and balances, community documents, compliance reports, as well as the ability to set up one-time or recurring assessment payments, submit architectural or maintenance requests, report compliance concerns, and more.

With every new update, the app improves some of its current attributes but also looks to incorporate additional features, aiming to address the current needs of its users. In its latest version, the app incorporated an eVoting option, allowing homeowners to cast their vote during their association's Board elections quickly and easily. Also available for homeowners is the ability to request key fobs, passes, and remotes directly through the Entry Access Request form on the app.

In addition to being an app for homeowners, the AAM All Access App also serves as a tool for Board members and Community Managers. From the comfort of their phone, AAM Board members and Community Managers can review the association's financials, keep track of Board tasks including architectural requests and compliance notices, as well as share community announcements with the membership, among other exclusive features.

"We want our residents to be able to take care of all of their HOA business quickly and easily from any mobile device, and we never want to stop improving that experience, which is why we ask our customers for feedback right from inside the app and implement new features that our customers want and need," said Alex Borshch, AAM's VP of Business Solutions. "Our just released tile-driven user interface allows for a completely customized presentation of over two dozen app features and is yet another step in our commitment to having the best HOA app available."

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