AAM Hosts Their 13th Annual AAM Tradeshow

On March 10th, Associated Asset Management (AAM), a nationally recognized leader in community association management, hosted their eagerly awaited annual tradeshow where 80 homeowner association vendors are invited to highlight their services to AAM Community Managers and support staff, while simultaneously raising money for charity. 

The AAM Tradeshow not only serves as an entertaining and useful resource for Managers to familiarize themselves with some of Arizona's reputable association vendors, but also functions as a charitable platform to further promote their companywide culture of compassion and Key Fundamental, "Give Back. Pay Forward." This year, AAM was honored to partner with Free Arts of Arizona and gifted all proceeds from the event to benefit this remarkable organization.

To honor the spirit of Free Arts of Arizona, this year's tradeshow theme was AAM on Broadway, in which vendors and employees were encouraged to don their favorite Broadway Show garb. From theater themed costumes, booths, games and prizes to a series of show tunes that could be heard cheerfully across the parking lot, enthusiastically the theme was carried throughout the entire show. 

Continuing tradeshow tradition, AAM had the pleasure of presenting a cash donation of $14,950.00 to Free Arts of Arizona. Additionally, a silent auction of art pieces created by Free Arts students were available for bid, raising an extra $1,070.00 for the organization! AAM employees and vendors also collectively donated an assortment of over 2,100 art supplies that will directly contribute to the myriad of art programs and events hosted for the children of Free Arts of Arizona. 

The various donated items and their quantities included:
- 205 canvases 
- 124 packages of clay
- 15 binders of colored paper
- 696 Sharpies
- 55 scissors
- 59 brushes
- 406 crayons 
- 150 colored markers
- 36 highlighters
- 318 colored pencils
- 28 bottles of paint
- 9 glue sticks
- 16 erasers
- 182 rolls of duct tape 

"AAM on Broadway was an incredible success," said AAM President Amanda Shaw. "As a company, our goal is to regularly pursue opportunities to assist those in need, which is why the AAM Tradeshow continues to be one of our most anticipated philanthropic events. The capacity in which it allows us, as well as our generous vendors, to partner with various charitable organizations and learn about how they positively impact our communities is absolutely inspiring and gratifying. Free Arts of Arizona is a truly special organization that we couldn't be more proud to support."

To view AAM's online press release, please click here