AAM Hosts Their 15th Annual AAM Tradeshow. All event proceeds and donations went directly to support Care Fund.

On Friday, March 8th, AAM hosted their ever-popular annual tradeshow where 68 of Arizona's homeowner association vendors are invited to exhibit their services to AAM Community Managers and support staff, while concurrently raising money for charity. 

In addition to being an entertaining and great networking tool for AAM Community Managers and support staff to gain exposure to some of the valley's leading association vendors, the AAM Tradeshow also doubles as a charitable platform to continually promote their companywide fundamental, "Give Back. Pay Forward." This year, AAM had the privilege to partner with Care Fund, an organization that financially and resourcefully supports Arizona families who endure financial hardship while experiencing extended illness or injury of their children, including mortgage or rent support. All proceeds from the tradeshow were gifted to this extraordinary organization. 

The theme of this year's tradeshow was AAMagic. From "magic" themed costumes, booths, games and prizes, the theme was happily embraced throughout the show. 

As part of tradeshow tradition, AAM was thrilled to present a cash donation of $10,881.00 to Care Fund.

"AAMagic was a great success," said AAM President Amanda Shaw. "Since AAM's formation in 1990, one of the cornerstones of the company's culture has been to "give back" to our greater community in which we live and work, which is why the AAM Tradeshow continues to be one of our most valued philanthropic outlets. With the support of our generous vendors, our tradeshow allows us the incredible opportunity to partner with various local charitable organizations each year, as well as spread the word on how they positively impact our community. Care Fund is a phenomenal organization that we were very proud to support."

To see AAM's online Press Release, click here.

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