Our Services

AAM provides HOA services to numerous single-family residential, condominium and commercial associations throughout Arizona, New Mexico, California, Michigan, and North Carolina.

AAM, unlike other management companies, was created exclusively for community association management. Therefore, AAM will solicit competitive bids for any required HOA services, and assist your association in selecting the best value and service.  

We believe that great neighborhoods are the building blocks for successful families, communities and this great country of ours. We are dedicated to delivering total peace of mind.
AAM team members have been involved in many associations, not only from the management perspective, but also as homeowners living within communities.  We understand the close supervision, training and support that is required for an association to be successful.  Most importantly, we understand and can provide the high level of HOA services and responsiveness required to assist in maintaining property values for the future.

Join the movement to transform what a successful HOA means. Demand more from your HOA. Contact us today to learn more about our HOA services. Call 1-800-354-0257 or request a bid online.


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We rely heavily on AAM

"For many years, AAM has served as an invaluable part of the Tatum Highlands team. They consistently demonstrate a genuine commitment to improving the quality of life in our community, and work to resolve each issue in a thoughtful and professional manner. We rely heavily on our community manager to manage the day-to-day affairs of our community, and she has done an excellent job, particularly under challenging circumstances." - Brian Burt, HOA Board Member