Additional Services

Founded in 1990, AAM is a nationally recognized leader in new community association services and accounting services for clients throughout the U.S. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients so that each new or established community benefits from the stability that comes with continuous expert management.

Over 62% of our communities have been with AAM for over 3 years.

In providing full-service expertise to all types of communities, AAM's dedicated community manager is complemented by our entire team of support professionals, ensuring comprehensive, highest quality service and support. We provide association services to all types and sizes of communities, from small neighborhoods and condominiums to high rise complexes and large master-planned communities.

Our community services include:

  • Assisting boards and committees in obtaining bids, undertaking projects and providing training
  • Working closely with title companies to provide transfer and disclosure documents quickly
  • Maintaining all community files electronically and in real time
  • Providing expert monthly financial management reporting
  • Overseeing common areas as well as individual lots
  • Offering 24-hour emergency contacts and customer service for community-specific questions
  • Facilitating HOA board training programs
  • Helping community members make connections
  • Responding quickly and supportively when homeowner issues arise

Homeowners traditionally think of HOAs as just for financial and CC&R enforcement and as a result HOAs and the volunteers who serve on them tend to get a bad rap. We believe that homeowners should expect a lot more from their HOA management company.

We are a different kind of community association management company. We believe that our job is to help you create the very best community possible in your neighborhood. Let us show you how.

Join the movement! Demand more from your community association management company. Contact us today to learn more about our new community association services. Call 1-800-354-0257 or request a bid online.


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Pulte Group

"We would like to praise AAM for the countless hours your team spent assisting in the build out forecast planning for our large DW communities. We presented the forecast to our Area President and VP of Finance. The reviews went very well. In fact, we were able to confidently discuss strategic options related to the communities. These discussions were productive because the forecast information was trusted by the participants. Our team recognizes your organizations valuable contributions. We will soon be calling on you to manage our next new property in Arizona." - Jim K., Pulte Group