Vendor Application

Vendors performing work on-site must meet the following insurance requirements and provide current insurance certificates:

  • Liability Insurance - $1,000,000.00 per occurrence & $2,000,000.00 aggregate
  • Auto Insurance Liability - $100,000.00 per occurrence & $300,000.00 aggregate
  • Worker's Compensation Insurance

Certificates of insurance must identify AAM as a certificate holder and/or additional insured.



Accounts Payable:
Phone: (602) 288-2677
Email (click me)

If you select Credit Card Remittance, your remittance advice will be delivered via email to the Accounting Email Address you indicate above. Remittances will be sent at the same time funds are made available via Credit Card Remittance.

Do you accept credit cards? In order to take advantage of Credit Card Remittance you MUST accept credit cards and not charge a convenience fee.

By selecting Credit Card Remittance, payment terms are Due Upon Receipt. Funds are expedited electronically to your merchant account, eliminating paper checks. Please note that AAM, LLC does not charge a fee for participating in Credit Card Remittance, but you will be responsible for any merchant card service fees charged by your provider. By selecting this payment option you are agreeing to participate in the Credit Card Remittance program.

If you have questions about this program please email

All information is REQUIRED before application is complete and for payment to be released. A lapse in insurance will terminate approved vendor status.

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Vendor Partnerships

"I have worked for AAM as a vendor for over 20 year and have always found the company to be very professional. Association management is a tough industry, and many residents do not really understand their management company's role. There is a large amount of negativity toward Community Managers, and very few compliments. In spite of ample opportunity to become negative themselves, the managers I work with on a daily basis remain upbeat, positive and professional in their dealings with residents as well as with vendors. I am certain AAM will continue to be an industry leader and an asset to Arizona." Rick R.