What is an HOA Transition


Transition from Declarant, Developer or Builder control to Homeowner control can be a stressful time for residents in a Homeowner or Community Association. But it doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are a few things to consider as a Homeowner:


Association Management Transition Process

Most HOA Board members may shriek at the idea of what hassles may come with changing management companies, but AAM is diligent about creating an impeccable transition to ease the minds of homeowners and board members. Susan Platner, the acquisition manager at AAM, gives an inside look on how to effectively achieve this. 

The AAM Advantage - How We Work With You for HOA Management

AAM focuses beyond just financials and CC&R enforcement; we believe neighborhoods are the foundation of building stronger communities. AAM provides 5 major advantages to our clients.

Common HOA Community Management Strategies

Strong neighborhoods need expert HOA community management.  Because this management is vital to the integrity of the HOA, the community’s many activities must be expertly managed so the association runs smoothly, meets its obligations and stays within its budget parameters.

How to Get the Most from Your HOA Management Company

An HOA management company can provide real value to board members and the neighborhood at-large.  But, the partnership needs to be managed properly to reap the best results.The following tips will help protect your HOA and build a positive relationship with your management company: