Community Association Management in Florida

Are you a HOA Board member searching for a community association management partner that streamlines communication, invests in advancing technologies, knows what is happening in your community, truly cares about your overall satisfaction, and values your time as a volunteer? If you answered yes to any of the above, then Associated Asset Management (AAM) is the right partner for your Association! With over 30 years of proven experience serving on-site, lifestyle and amenity-rich communities, WE Understand and WE are Here to Help. 

As your management partner, AAM will handle your community's daily operations, creating peace of mind for the volunteers that sit on the Board of Directors. Our clients can expect diligent vendor oversight, assessment collection, financial management, architectural reviews and facilitation of maintenance and repairs. Also, our managers conduct consistent property tours and inspections of common areas, as well as administer effective resident communication while promoting community activities and an active lifestyle. We execute the decisions made by the Board of Directors while ensuring homeowners remain in compliance with CC&Rs and specific Florida state statutes.

We Are Ready to Serve Your Community

Why Choose AAM

We Listen ____________ Leadership
WE Listen WE Lead

There is nothing more frustrating than a company that does not listen to your needs in order to provide meaningful solutions. It is all too common in our industry to hear of communities having issues with their current company with regard to communication, technology, and transparency. That is why AAM listens to our clients and provides customized strategies and solutions that truly matter.

Our people are what sets AAM apart from other management companies. From unparalleled customer service, devoted community managers, and unwavering company support, your community association will receive the level of care and expertise it deserves with proven qualified leadership.

Connection ____________ Deliver
WE Create WE Deliver

We have the resources and experience necessary to help create lasting community connections by tailoring events and programs to meet each community’s individual needs. With our dedicated lifestyle services and support teams, AAM is ready and able to oversee and facilitate your community’s lifestyle planning efforts. 

We recognize and appreciate that as Board and Committee members, you are volunteering your time and talents. That is why it is our job to deliver peace of mind by relieving you of as much of the day-to-day burden of community governance as possible.

Connect With Us

We believe a partnership with an association's Board and members is the key component to the success of a community. Is your current management company a true partner with your HOA? Are they doing everything they can to relieve you of as much of the day-to-day burden of community governance as possible? Most importantly, are they a reliable partner you can trust?

AAM is confident that with our proven expertise, we can provide proactive management to exceed your expectations by delivering total "peace of mind" to the Board of Directors and the entire community.

Contact us today toll free at 833-745-6446 or if you would like AAM to bid on HOA management for your community complete our simple Request for Proposal (RFP)