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# 1 HOA Management Company in Arizona

The Phoenix Business Journal named Associated Asset Management No. 1 on their HOA Management Firms list. 

What our clients say

AAM is so much better than our previous property management company.  We rarely need to talk to anyone other than Sandy because she knows most things, but when we do, they always have someone ready to offer a clear answer to questions.  I don't feel like we're getting the run around like we did with their predecessor. I feel as though AAM is actually partnering with us by doing everything they can to make it easier for us to maintain and manage the property fairly and responsibly. -Carol H., Lakewood Community

AAM is a great asset for any HOA.  The team they have assembled strives on helping our HOA maintain fiscal responsibility, quality of life, attention to and enforcement of the by-laws, and steering our board with well gathered information.  If we, as a board, ask for quotes, they gather several, if we ask for processes, they know them.  If we ask for guidance, they give excellent advice.  Our HOA recently obtained a grant for improvements within the community.  The grant would not have been utilized or obtained, had it not been for the outstanding leadership and efforts of our knowledgeable management group.  They alerted us to the opportunity, gathered information, and helped us thru the process to the very end.  I highly recommend AAM for any HOA. -Keith J., Riverstone Estates