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AAM consistently delivers services that delight our homeowners and community association Boards. Thousands of satisfied clients have shared their experiences. Here are just a few of them:

"For many years, AAM has served as an invaluable part of the Tatum Highlands team. They consistently demonstrate a genuine commitment to improving the quality of life in our community, and work to resolve each issue in a thoughtful and professional manner. We rely heavily on our community manager to manage the day-to-day affairs of our community, and she has done an excellent job, particularly under challenging circumstances." - Brian B., Tatum Highlands

"AAM is an exemplary community management company; providing professional, highly-trained staff, state-of-the-art technology, myriad resources, and quality customer service. Their philosophy to become part of the communities they manage results in cost-effective partnerships that benefit Boards, residents and service providers alike." - Peggy C., The Villages at Rancho El Dorado

"My business dealings put me in contact with several HOA communities, and those managed by AAM are the most well organized and professional. The job is seldom simple, but AAM appears committed to handling the challenges we all face in difficult economic times." - Carl S., Tatum Highlands

"Just a note to let you know, from the ACCCA Communication meeting yesterday, Jody was given an exceptionally lengthy list of action items. All but one of the items required information from other people, etc. Every piece of information I requested for posting or review and posting has been received - within 24 hours of the meeting. That's amazing. I can't tell you how much happier and productive this Committee is because of her diligence, ability to multi task, professionalism and care for our community. What's even more special - it's all done with a smile and positive tone. We are truly fortunate to have a Community Manager like her." - Liz T., ACCCA

"AAM has provided Riverstone Estates with outstanding service in every area of our HOA. Not only have they offered sound financial service and advice, they stay on top of every line item. We know exactly where we stand each month and suggestions are made to our board on where money can be saved. The contacts AAM has on bidding out projects and services goes above and beyond anything I ever expected as a home owner in our association. AAM goes through our community on a regular basis to make sure homeowners are abiding by all of the rules and regulations set forth in board policies. I highly recommend AAM to any and all HOA communities." - Dennis C., Riverstone Estates

"Since coming to our community approximately 18 months ago, Jody Cote has provided the Anthem Country Club Community Association with a number of noteworthy accomplishments which have impacted our community in a very positive way. The most significant of these has been her tireless efforts in working with our landscape maintenance contractor, to identify all of the Association's irrigation controllers. Jody also initiated a water conservation and water usage analysis program with our contractors and continues to research opportunities to conserve this valuable resource, including the installation of drought- tolerant plants whenever possible and the conversion of a portion of the irrigation system to an effluent water system. The ACCCA would also like to recognize excellent work ethic, cooperative spirit, responsiveness, and dedication to the Anthem Country Club community. " - Peni L., ACCCA

"AAM is a great asset for any HOA. The team they have assembled strives on helping our HOA maintain fiscal responsibility, quality of life, attention to and enforcement of the by-laws, and steering our board with well gathered information. If we, as a board, ask for quotes, they gather several, if we ask for processes, they know them. If we ask for guidance, they give excellent advice. Our HOA recently obtained a grant for improvements within the community. The grant would not have been utilized or obtained, had it not been for the outstanding leadership and efforts of our knowledgeable management group. They alerted us to the opportunity, gathered information, and helped us thru the process to the very end. I highly recommend AAM for any HOA." - Keith J., Riverstone Estates

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Danielle Brackemeyer at Mission II. She is easy to work with, very confident and articulate and professional. She did a solid presentation of the status of the community and the budget, etc. at the quarterly meeting on Monday. Good choice!" - Lori C., Meritage Homes

"Sandy is kind, professional, organized and a delight to work with. I am ecstatically happy with the change in Management Company and our Property Manager. " - Carol H., Lakewood Community

Jeanine was very instrumental in the process of obtaining a grant for the Riverstone HOA. She brought to our attention, the opportunities available, how to go about them, the process and procedures, and who to talk to. Once she alerted us to what may be available to capitalize on, we gave her our thoughts on how we could utilize the grants and what improvements made sense for our community. Jeanine took our thoughts, gathered all of the information, quotes and bids, and assembled an easy to read process for our board and community. She spear-headed the process, even meeting with the grant board (as no member could attend the meeting). Our improvement and grant usage can be given 100% credit to Jeanine for her leg work, effort, and information gathering. Our community is very appreciative of her efforts to help us. - Keith J., Riverstone Estates

"Jeanine Baber from AAM has been managing our property all three years I have been on the HOA board, and I have been continually impressed by how well she does her job. She responds promptly to requests and needs, is always pleasant to homeowners and board members, and takes her work seriously. You can count on Jeanine to be professional at all times and to do her work with excellence. She was very encouraging to me as a new board member not used to the role. She took the time to train me and the other board members, and is always encouraging us to further our knowledge as board members through workshops, conferences, etc. AAM is very fortunate to have her on staff, and I am so very glad she is our community manager." - Christine M., Casa Del Rey Cottages

"We would like to praise AAM for the countless hours your team spent assisting in the build out forecast planning for our large DW communities. We presented the forecast to our Area President and VP of Finance. The reviews went very well. In fact, we were able to confidently discuss strategic options related to the communities. These discussions were productive because the forecast information was trusted by the participants. Our team recognizes your organizations valuable contributions. We will soon be calling on you to manage our next new property in Arizona." - Jim K., Pulte Group

"Jeanine Baber is extraordinary! She single handily applied for and received a much needed lighting grant for our HOA. She put forth enormous effort and put in countless hours to make this happen for our community. The lighting project adds safety and beautification to our park area in Riverstone Estates. She not only went out and received numerous bids for this project but she also involved community members with expertise in this area to help her plan and assist in the location of the lights in the park area. We are very fortunate to have such a caring person looking after our needs in our association." - Dennis C., Riverstone Estates

"Casa del Rey has enjoyed a working relationship with AAM since the builder opened the subdivision. The builder declared bankruptcy before the community was completed and it was difficult to piece together the details of where we were as a homeowner association. However, AAM was the needle and thread that held us together. We relied heavily on our managers, especially during the first several years of our infancy. Deploying all resources to assist us through the obligations to complete landscaping, correct building deficiencies, and mitigate the relationship with the City of Peoria, AAM stood by us with trusted corporate and historical information as well as qualified, caring and hard-working managers. The partnership we have crafted is strong. The Board of Directors has a deep sense of appreciation and thankfulness toward AAM and our community manager, Jeanine Baber." - Sarah N., Casa Del Rey Cottages

"Being successful in business requires having the right support system with the right people doing great things. We strive to be a community of excellence. Our property manager Rahul B., with the expertise of the A.A.M. team, has helped to ensure that we're able to give the best quality amendments along with a family-friendly environment to our community." - Randy S., Ashley Heights

"Associated Asset Management is a superb team for Community Management. Legend Trail selected them after extensive interviews and they have proven to be reliable and professional on every measurable dimension. Their Management excels in communication that is consistent whether to residents, Committees or our Board of Directors. They are obliging and friendly and current with technology, law, and advocacy for HOA concerns. I highly recommend them." - Debbie K., Legend Trail HOA

"I have been a resident of Legend Trail since 2000. We have been through other Association management but it did not compare to AAM. The current people working here are outstanding. They are responsive and problem solvers. My term on the board was made a joy because of the support from Pat and Lance. Legend Trail is an outstanding neighborhood in which to live. The management of the Association by AAM is a big part of the reason". - William E., Legend Trail HOA

“Paula has given our community much more than would be expected from someone who functions as ‘just’ a manager. She has utilized her experiences with other communities and businesses to help us get more ‘bang for the buck’ for our association. Her communications with the Board are succinct, thorough, and understandable. Her suggestions have proven invaluable to our decision-making process. Paula doesn't play politics and is willing to help us with decisions which can be unpopular, i.e. raising fees, dues, etc. As expressed before, we as a Board are extremely pleased with all that Paula Kennedy has given to our community, The Crossroads. In her role as our Community Manager, Paula has represented AAM, LLC in a very positive way. We hope she stays with us for many more years.” – John B., The Crossroads Community


In addition, here are some interesting facts about AAM:

  • In 2015, AAM employees have accumulated over 4,100 hours of volunteer work
  • AAM currently manages over 600 communities.
  • AAM still provides services to our first client.
  • All of our customer care and 24/7 emergency after-hours employees are well versed with enough information to answer 196 of the most commonly asked questions regarding your community.
  • 59% of our community managers have been with AAM for more than 3 years.
  • 62% of our communities have been with us between 3-20 years.
  • All of our Community Managers are certified or working towards obtaining their certifications through local and national trade organizations. 

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