Why AAM for Homeowner Association Management?

Let’s face it. The homeowner association management industry doesn’t have a great reputation. We are known more for our enforcement of infractions than for the support we provide communities.

AAM was founded 25 years ago to change that and we have been helping communities thrive ever since.

We believe that great, connected neighborhoods are the foundation of great families, great communities and a great country. That’s why AAM is very different from any other homeowner association management firm.

Founded in 1990, AAM is a nationally recognized leader in homeowner association management and accounting services for clients throughout the U.S. In providing full-service expertise to all types of communities, AAM’s dedicated on-site staff is complemented by our entire team of support professionals, ensuring comprehensive, highest quality service. We have:

The expertise to maintain the highest standards for your community.

  • Industry leading experts
    • CPAs, CMAs, CAAMs, CASPs
    • Degreed Accountants
    • HR & IT Departments
  • 25 years of experience
  • Community manager tenure prevents turnover mistakes and costs
  • Better workload ratios
  • 72% of Community Managers have been with AAM for 3 or more years

A support system that cares for your community as if it were our own.

  • Fewer communities per manager for better service
  • Cross-trained employees/staff to provide seamless coverage during time off
  • We'll be there, in person at your HOA meetings
  • We’ll provide training and support to help HOAs connect neighbors which decreases complaints and improves homeowner satisfaction with the HOA
  • Customer service won't pass you around. There are more than 196 questions we can all answer
  • 24/7 emergency number
  • Our people love their jobs - we've been ranked as one of the Best Places to Work for the past 5 years by the Business Journal!

More value per dollar than any other community management team.

  • Industry-leading experts, including an unmatched accounting team
  • Personalized support system so you're not just a number
  • Training that to help HOA board members succeed
  • Technology that simplifies, including photo violations
  • The experience to make complex decisions easy
  • The choice for communities who want to keep property values high and fees low

Top 5 Benefits of Being with AAM
The Keys to Successful Homeowner Association Management

  • Stewardship - We offer leadership without being aggressive and advice without being invasive. We provide board and committee training as needed or requested, and keep boards and community managers updated on the latest legislative changes.
  • Compassion - At AAM, we continually show our compassion by giving back to our community through charitable contributions and actions. We set a yearly goal of 3,000 volunteer hours that our employees actively strive to help us achieve through various forms of community service.
  • People - This word is central to our commitment, our dedication, our passion and our professionalism.. AAM is committed to helping our people at every level.
  • Growth - This word describes our mindset. It is about innovation, ingenuity, nimbleness and the willingness to take risks while always thinking creatively.
  • Community - As community stewards, we embrace and value the concept that through compassionate management.

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Expect More

We believe that you should expect, even demand, more from your community management company. We believe that unless your HOA management company is providing real value, fostering real relationships between neighbors, helping to create a better place to live and raise your family, then they have failed.

At AAM we are Dedicated to Delivering Total Peace of Mind.