AAM recognizes market trends and is always growing and moving forward

Urban management requires a distinct awareness and that is why AAM has created an Urban Living Division.

What AAM Brings to Your Community

Valued experience brought to a community...

AAM Radio- February 6 2014

Representative Kate Brophy McGee of District 28 and Linda Lang, President/CEO of Arizona Association of Community Managers (AACM)

AAM Radio- January 23 2014

Lynne Dugan, Land Resources Manager with Taylor Morrison Homes and Kim Olson, AAM’s VP of Developer Services has been working together for years.

AAM Radio- January 16 2014

George Glance, President of KB homes’ Central Florida division

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AAM Excels

For 2012-2013 AAM employees have accumulated 5000 hours of volunteer work.

AAM currently manages 450+ communities.

AAM still services our first client.

There are over 196 community specific questions we all can answer regarding your community.  When you call customer service, we won't pass you around.

70% of our community managers have been with AAM for more than 3 years.

76% of our communities have been with us for over 3 years.